African outfits

African outfits
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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Change is hard

I tried doing a blog some years back and never got very far. Today I'm attempting it again and I'm coming up with the same frustrations. I've kept a journal for years - it's so easy, pick up a pen and write whatever comes to my mind. I thought this would be the same but honestly it has taken me so long to get to this point that my mind is empty. The only reason I'm willing to not scrap the whole thing is because I have had so many requests from friends to keep them posted on our journey to Africa. We leave in 10 1/2 weeks - hopefully this will get easier before that day comes. I don't really think we are all that interesting but I do know that we will be in need of prayer. My hope is that I can keep the interest up enough that we will have an army of friends lifting us up in prayer. I have no idea specifically what we will be doing in Africa - being flexible is part of the journey. We will be doing construction work of some kind. Actually, they don't need us to do the construction work, there are many local people that would be capable. We are really going to serve alongside those who have given their lives to advance the Word of God into the language of the 180 people groups of Cameroon that do not have the Bible in their native tongue. Our hope is that we can encourage even one family that has given up everything to live without regret, fully surrendered to the call God has put on their life. The full time missionaries are the real heroes. In 10 1/2 weeks we will return to our home, to our comfy life.... but then what? I want to live my life without regret. What will that look like for us?

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  1. Oddly I find doing a blog easier than a journal, probably because of my extroverted nature. Of course mine is more issue oriented than personal, so that is a bit different.