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African outfits
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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Random thoughts about Noah and the Ark

I think it's interesting that anyone can write a blog and whoever reads it gets just a tiny glimpse of what that person is like.  Blog about something deep and spiritual things and people think you are deep and spiritual.  Blog about selfish or evil things and people may think you're shallow or evil.  I could blog about things I have done and people would be shocked.  I could choose to just blog about every good thing I have ever been a part of and give the idea that I am close to perfect.  The truth is we all are human and have failed and had to pick up the pieces from choices or beliefs we have had.  We will fail in the future and our kids will fail at times.  No one is without sin and we all fall short.   I try to be honest with my blogs and not give a false idea of who I am.  I also use caution at times so I don't expose how truly corrupt my mind can be.  My family has a front row seat to how random my thoughts can be and now others get to share a little of what goes on in my mind.

Yesterday I shared the story of our adoption journey and how even though we jumped through all the hoops we never actually adopted a child.  I tried really hard to make it happen but some things just can't be forced.  I know of people who were not even looking to adopt and suddenly they find themselves adopting, as if God just had it all planned out and they had no choice.  I envy those stories.

 I remember a friend telling me that "God brought the animals to Noah".   She was talking about a completely different situation but the thought struck home with our adoption journey.   Noah was just a man - even though the Bible tells us he was a righteous man.  The Bible only gives us about 4 chapters that talk about Noah, building an ark, the flood and starting over.  About 120 years took place from when God told Noah to build the ark until the flood.  I have screwed up quite a bit in my 47 years so I can only imagine that Noah had his share of screw ups during his long life.  The one mistake we know of is when he was so drunk he embarrassed himself, but he must have done more then that.  I wonder if at some point Noah took things into his own hands and went out to try to gather the animals and force them in the ark?   Did he doubt that he had heard from God at all?  Did he ever want to give up?  Did his sons wander off for a while and sew their wild oats and then come back to help their Dad?  Was his wife completely supportive about his building project?  I wonder about the things that are not said.  I love that Noah obeyed God and followed his plan... I love that it is a foreshadowing of God's plan of salvation through Jesus.  I just really wish that Noah would have kept a blog.

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