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African outfits
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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Coffee snobbery to a new level

Anyone who know my husband, knows that he loves to make yummy coffee drinks.  We own a little espresso/barista machine that he uses to steam his milk and makes shots of espresso for the most wonderful latte'.  Every morning throughout the year he makes me a coffee drink that far surpasses any coffee shop.  I'm pretty spoiled.

When we go camping or if we are at a hotel, away from his espresso machine, he will bring along our french press so that we do not have to go without great coffee.  He really gets a kick out of serving people by making coffee drinks for them and watching their faces when they discover how good it is.  It's early right now and I'm going without coffee until he gets up to make me one.  I just know that it's worth the wait.  I usually only have one coffee a day so it better be good.  He loves making me coffee, you could even say it is his "love language" to me.

In Cameroon, coffee is one of their main exports.  The books that I have read say that they grow coffee there but do not usually drink the coffee.  We were concerned about being able to find coffee in Ndu where we will be.  A friend who has been there mentioned that you can get it but we will need to roast our own beans!  The thought of this makes me giggle.  Drew is already so particular about making the perfect coffee, I know he will embrace roasting his own beans.  There will be no stopping him and he will no longer be satisfied with a normal cup of coffee again.

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