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African outfits
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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Jon Sybrant

Many of you know our friends Jon and Julie Sybrant, they co-lead the team that went to Cameroon with us. Our team of 16 ended up splitting into 2 teams, with Jon and Julie leading one in Yaounde' and Drew and I leading one in Ndu. Jon and Julie went home this past Saturday. This is an email we received from Jon - I loved it because it is classic Africa. I asked if I could share it and got the okay before passing this on. If you know Jon you will appreciate it all the more :)
Hey we’re back. I hope you don’t feel even more isolated than ever because everyone has abandoned you. We are still thinking about you and praying for you. Friday night as we were headed for the airport I was thinking that I am not ready to leave this place. As dirty and unattractive as this place is I have really developed some wonderful relationships with some outstanding people. Immediately you would think that it was the people we came here with or the other volunteers that are working in Cameroon but this last week I really got close to some Cameroonian people that I worked with. Do you know that in Cameroon as in Kenya two men who respect each other and are close hold hands. This is unheard of in our culture. Well on Friday when we were taking pictures of the guys I worked with the young man that I thought resented me being there and taking his work away told me that I had taught him many things when I was there and held my hand while Julie took our picture. I have to admit that I was uncomfortable but overlaying that was a thankfulness to God that we were that close. I have been praying to God this year for greater openness and for boldness. I am a rather reserved guy but I have come to the conclusion that God doesn’t want me that way. So it is my new year’s resolution to be bold and to go outside of my comfort zone. Evidently this includes holding hands with men. God is great and maybe has a sense of humor. Jon

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