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African outfits
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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Last Day With Our Team

We just had a sweet time with all of us together, reminiscing about our time here up in Ndu. We took turns telling a high and a low from our time and giving words of encouragement. It's always fun to see how God brings people together on mission trips. You spend day in and day out with people who you aren't normally used to being around, and in our case people have to spend time with my whole family. I feel our team was very united and that is a result of many prayers. I was in tears earlier today as I thought of what a blessing it has been to be with these other women and how much I will miss them.

Tomorrow we will move out of this home and into our little yellow house. It will be a much quieter evening without the laughter of having 9 people in one house going a little loopy. This has been such a nice place to stay, but during supper I went into the kitchen and a mouse ran across my slipper. I was very calm about it because it happened so fast I think I was in shock. So now I'm thankful to be moving to a kitchen with a cock roach and away from my kitchen with a mouse. I will miss all the cupboard space.

Pray for our team as they travel that rough road back to Bamenda and then on to Yaounde' the following day. Pray for us also as we transition into serving for the next 2 months without the support of a team. We have met the other missionaries and they are so supportive in helping me to understand all the ways of Cameroon.

Today our friends the Schroth family bought a chicken and had it slaughtered. Levi and Kyle were so excited to watch the action, they even took my camera to record it. I arrived shortly after the chickens neck was sliced and Levi was close to tears. He has a very tender heart and it was just too much for him. I think he also felt some empathy since it wasn't that long ago that his own neck had been sliced open and it brought back bad memories. Even tonight when we were doing our "High and Low" game he couldn't mention the chicken experience.

I'm so thankful for this experience, even if some of my blogs may sound like I am complaining. In truth, I have many emotions that go through me as I am experiencing life in Ndu, my blog is just my place to process the good and the bad. I will not sugar coat it and make you think it is "easy" - I think everything is harder here. I would love a hot shower, but for now I am thankful for my Norwex cloths. You get so dirty here even if you try to stay clean. Be thankful for the cold snow in MN... that is if you have any yet.


  1. We will be praying for your family as you transition into this new stage of your adventure. Enjoy the journey! And no....we don't have any snow yet. At least not enough to play in! lol

  2. So good to read your blogs, Marie. I don't think of them as complaining at all - I love your honesty and all of your great descriptions. We will be praying as you transition there without the rest of the team. We also continue to pray for a friend for Ellie.
    No snow here yet, and actually it has gotten colder than when you left--single digits. I heard that it was about -15 up in Grand Forks today.
    I have a pot roast in the crock pot and I have great memories of you guys having Matthew and I over for that yummy meal. You have such warm hospitality and hearts to serve, and it will be exciting to see what the next two months bring through the doorway of your little yellow house! Love you guys!

  3. I love your candor and brevity! Being a missionary would be hard, having to always say good-bye, unless you remember that in a very short time, we'll all be reunited with Christ!

    Love the blog. Tell Levi I'm thinking about him and will miss him in class. See if he can come up with a project that he could share with the group when he returns. :)