African outfits

African outfits
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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Our New Home

It was a long day today. The house we moved from isn't far but there is a hill to climb to get to this one. I get winded climbing the hill but I've had a good workout today with all the trips taken to bring stuff to our place... and sometimes bring stuff back down to the old place. I was washing linens and towels all day at the old place, preparing for the 4 teachers that are coming in a few weeks. I took one last "good" shower before moving up to our new home. All of those who have been living here know that that is actually kind of funny since the showers were less than ideal. We ate some of our left overs from the team at the old house and washed most of the kitchen down. I know I mentioned that it takes longer to do everything but I will try to explain what that looks like. The water needs to be heated on the stove for dish washing and rinsing. Although, I was so thankful today that our house had it's own tank and it still had plenty of water. The pump was not working on the water tank that the campus uses and all day long there were people (mostly children), walking by our house on the way to the stream to get water. They carry it on their heads and it's quite a long walk with such a load. I don't know how we will be affected by this in our new home, it has a tank but not sure how much water is in it. Tomorrow I will try to put our new home in order but for now all the beds are made and ready for us. I will sleep good tonight!


  1. I've just spent a fantastic hour catching up on your posts. I can just imagine how you all are savoring each new experience. While reading this one I have the same feeling as when you are reading a book and are being set up for the drama that is to come - as in your water running out and you all have to learn to carry water on your heads! One question, when its 12:00 here and 7:00 there, are you 7 hours ahead or 5 hours behind? Love you SO MUCH.

    1. We are 7 hours ahead. and I have no idea how they keep things from growing in the tanks. We use a filter so I don't think about it.

  2. One more question, how does the water get into the tanks? And what keeps it from growing funny things?