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African outfits
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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Road to Ndu

The road to Ndu is hard to describe but I will try.  It started out tar and not bad but quickly we were on a dirt road that was extremely dusty.  The ruts were deep and the path straight up (or so it seemed).  It's a 5 hour drive but seems much longer - especially if you have a full bladder.  We had 2 vehicles, Peg hired Fy Eric to drive her truck.  The boys rode with Eric since he had a very strong body odor, and they didn't seem to mind.  The girls all rode with Peg.  We passed many villages and children going to school in their colorful uniforms.  The dust flies everywhere and everything is coated in red dust.  Our luggage was covered with dust and so were we.  We made one potty stop along the road but Kaley couldn't handle the "au naturale" so she instead endured the pain of the bumps.  There was a "no smoking" sign in the ravine right next to the forest where we took our potty break, apparently we weren't the first to have to stop there.

At one point the truck was having a hard time getting up the hill - which meant the Toyota Land Cruiser the girls were in had to back down to try again (and again).  Finally, Peg switched driving with Eric, it was her truck and she knew how to drive it.  She made it up the hill and Eric followed with the Toyota.  We all had to hang on for most of the drive.  The good news was no one got car sick!  Kyle thought the ride was amazing.  It was both terrifying and extremely beautiful with the sheer drop off at the edge of the road.

Now here is the guys description:  Drew has never driven on a public road where low range in 4 wheel drive was necessary.  This road required being in 1st gear much of the way with 4 wheel drive in low range!

I wanted to send pictures but the internet is really slow and other people want to use the internet plug thing.

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  1. I remember Joel trying to communicate with us the sheer drama of that road. Even with the many pictures he had, I am sure we only began to glimpse the scope and scale of it all. I am glad that you are safe in Ndu. Blessings!