African outfits

African outfits
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Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Our day out finally happened! Yesterday our plans were delayed due to the rain. Today out on the roads I can see that it was good we did not make a go of it yesterday. It is unusual to have such heavy rains this early in the season and many vehicles went in the ditch yesterday because the roads were so bad - much like we experience in Minnesota during the first snow storm. I had forgotten already how bad these roads were since it had been over a month from the last time we were in a vehicle. The drive there was beautiful though - the day was clear so we could see for miles in some spots. On the way, we stopped at the SIL/JARS hanger and runway. We drove to the end of the short bumpy runway - as planes take off the ground drops off at a cliff! We then stopped at a missionary family's home to visit for a bit. Levi decided to stay there and hang out with the kids while we went shopping. He gets car sick and had had enough of the car ride. Finally after having to turn around a few times due to closed roads we made it to the Supermarket. I got cheese slices for making grilled cheese sandwiches and mozzarella cheese for our pizza this week - the pizza we have been using has a very strong flavor. We bought yogurt and apples too. The highlight for me was a bag of Cocoa Krispie type cereal that I can't wait to have with bananas. It was a fun time. After this store, we were invited to an SIL missionary couple's home for lunch - it was so exciting to see BROCCOLI at the table - YUM!!!! Once lunch was over we headed back to the market area to pick-up some produce - they even had watermelon at this market. Overall it was a great day but I have no desire to ride in a vehicle until it is time to go home. The bumps and conditions are very tiring. We are thankful to Val for taking us on this little excursion.
Drew in front of the store entrance.
The Refrigerated Section - Ellie picking out apples.
Market in Kumbo.
Looks like a great place for lunch T.G.I.Friday

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