African outfits

African outfits
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Sunday, February 26, 2012

March for Jesus

We have noticed that the Cameroonians really like to march. A few weeks ago was National Youth Day, with all the local schools marching through the main street of Ndu. In a few weeks will be Women's Day, where women will have dresses made out of the same material and march all across Cameroon celebrating women. Today marked the end of the missions conference at Emmanuel Baptist Church, a march from the soccer fields, down the main street to the Total station and then on the side road to the church commenced the last day of the conference. The march started at 745am so we had to be out the door early. We sang songs (that we barely knew) as we marched down the dusty streets of Ndu towards our destination. The church was packed and it was a celebration with lots of music. Drew and Kyle even did a special music. The plan was to have Levi play the drums along with them but we didn't think it would work so well with his cast.

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