African outfits

African outfits
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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Random pictures of life in Ndu

This is a sample of our life: Sunday night pancakes and praise with our friends. The Post Office where we mail our letters from - A picture of Marie gluing a stamp on (with rubber cement). Abi and Ellie in Ellie's room. Doing laundry.

Ndu Post Office

/Abi and Ellie

Doing laundry in our back yard - hanging laundry in our front yard (for all to see)

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  1. Marie, I LOVED the photos. The picture of you doing the laundry brought tears to my eyes. The rustic-ness of the scene tugged at my heart! I loved seeing the house, the dirt, and the tea kettle by the door. But I also see a glimpse of the hard things- the heat, the dust, and the extra work you are having to do...I'm very much enjoying your blogs and we will continue to pray for you.