African outfits

African outfits
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Saturday, March 10, 2012

The road to Ntaba

It's our last weekend in Ndu and we are feeling mixed emotions about leaving. For the most part, I am ready to get home to our family and friends but at the same time, I know I will miss this place. Today we took a taxi with Henry (the librarian) to a place called Ntaba. Henry has been telling me how beautiful this place is since I first started working in the library. The car was a little crowded with 7 of us crammed in a small Toyota (like a Tercel). I got to share the front bucket seat with Drew. The scenery was quite stunning and the winding mountain road was exhilarating. On the other side of the mountain range was the savanna area - beautiful. I was hoping that we would get to see some other topography before leaving Cameroon. We will also be traveling to the beach before leaving so that will offer us some more interesting sights to see as well. It's fun to still have new things to look forward to, even as we are experiencing many "lasts" on our journey.

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