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African outfits
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Thursday, January 26, 2012

3 weeks

Our family has been on this adventure for just 3 weeks, in some ways it feels much longer than that. For the most part we are adapting to life in Ndu. Our kitchen is missing some key pans and Irene has been a saint working around in this less than ideal space. She is normally a cook for a single gal missionary in Bamenda and is having to adjust to this house as much as I have. There is definitely a mouse that comes out at night and nibbles through plastic to get to our food. Tonight Drew is setting out a sticky trap to catch the critter - I really hope I am not the one to find him. I realized today that I sound very negative when I talk about this house. The truth is, we live in a "mansion" in MN, in comparison to this place. It's also true that most of the people around Ndu live in homes that are far less than this home I am living in now. We have 2 toilets that flush (and when we don't have water pumping into the house, we can still pour dirty water from a tank into the toilet to flush it), we have electricity much of the time, we have headlamps when we don't have electricity, we have a stove AND an oven, we have a frig - that is FULL. We also have 2 showers and one even has hot water, we have a table and chairs,beds with mattresses and blankets, french press for coffee, games to play, good books to read, a computer with an internet stick! Life is refreshingly simple here. Our friends the Rundus's asked if we would like to come over Friday evening and watch a movie with their family (if there is electricity). I said sarcastically that I would have to check our schedule... and then quickly thanked them for the invitation before they changed their mind. Generally,no one goes out after dark (which is usually about 7pm), so having something on our schedule is a treat. I have loved the family time: Drew is reading through a series by Chuck Black (out loud). The books would be an easy read for any of us but reading together is a great opportunity for discussion. Kyle brought his guitar so some nights we spend singing praise and worship songs together. There is no tv, no phone, really nothing pulling us, although at times we will have visitors show up (and they are always welcome). The weather is beautiful (if you can look beyond the dust), cool at night to the point of needing a sweatshirt, warm, almost hot during the day. The people are friendly - everyone you pass says "Good Morning" or "Good Afternoon". Drew goes to chapel every morning at 730am - I haven't quite made it there yet. The President told Drew that they are "Praying the Petersens back". I could see coming back for a short term again but so far I don't feel the pull to move here full time. The biggest blessing for me has been how real and alive the Word of God has become to me. I have a whole different appreciation of it as well as a need for the Truth. What a privilege to be here and have so much support and prayers for our safety and well being.


  1. And if the Word coming alive is all you bring home, that in and of itself is a HUGE blessing!!

  2. It is good for all to focus on what we DO have instead of what we DON'T have.I have found myself having to do this the past few weeks. Gos is good and does supply all we NEED! It is good for us to know how you have been living. Should cause us to be more thankful and know how to pray for all of you!

    1. That would be GOD is good!