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African outfits
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Thursday, January 26, 2012


It takes so much time to put pictures on these blogs but it's so hard to give an idea of what Drew is doing without pictures. I'm going to attempt to get a few pictures posted. There isn't much "smooth" concrete around here and mostly that is because there are few finishing tools. Drew was given some tools to donate to the workers here from Shafer Equipment in South Minneapolis. Drew is working hard to make sure the Cameroonian workers are learning to use the tools so they will be able to continue working on concrete projects even after we leave. The 3 men that Drew has worked closest with are all doing a wonderful job, with one of them showing a real gift for finishing. Here are some pictures of the process: all the cement is hand mixed, the rocks are hand chopped, the cement carried in buckets. If this is interesting to you and you would like to see more pictures, we will post more once we arrive back in MN where we will have better internet service.

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  1. Thanks for posting! Wow....what a difference. Has Drew communicated to you any updates relative to his relationships with "his workers"? I understand that these men needed some leadership & mentoring not only in their concrete skills but also (and maybe more importantly??)their leadership within their homes? I'm sure Drew's examples & personality are a perfect fit for the challenge!

    Fred & Kym P.